My Pantyhose Calender 2012

My pantyhose calendar for the next year is finally ready :-) Like last year this calendar will be limited to a small amount. If you are interested in getting a calendar from me, drop me a line :)

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Selling my worn Wolford Fatal Neon *sold*

*update – SOLD*

Wow! My new wolford satin touches are coming soon. Thanks for the very kind offer <3

Hi guys! Hope you had a wonderful weekend too :-)

I am in urgent need for some new wolford satin touch pantyhoses at the moment, so I decided to sell one of my absolute favorite pantyhoses. A very rare & expensive wolford fatal neon . As you can see from the pics, the pantyhose is heavily worn and damaged. I didn’t have the heart to give it away till now, but I neeed to restock my wolfords <3 [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

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Pantyhose Calendar 2011 & Photobook available

Pantyhose Calendar Cover 2011

Finally! I am proud to present you my Calendar for 2011 and my cute little photobook.

Some nice pictures of Mila (a very good friend) holding my calendar:


New Pantyhoses for sale

Hi Guys,
I went through my large collection and found some very sexy pantyhoses I totally have forgotten about O:-)

In my opinion they look and feel a lot like my wolfords <3 but aren’t that expensive.

You can find them in my new sale section
My Pantyhose Sale

Pantyhose Sale updated

Unfortunately someone backed out of a sale after 5 weeks of emailing back and forth-.- I didn’t know that it would be that complicated to get my worn pantyhose in the hands of a fan^^ *sighs*.

Anyway… I updated the sale page and added 2 more pantyhoses from my last shootings.

wetlook leggings: sold

Wow! I’ve got my first sale and I am very happy that everything worked out so well :-)

I hope you will enjoy my leggings @ T… :)

link to my Pantyhose-Sale

ps.: I sell only the stuff I am wearing at the shootings, so that everything is unique. No mass production :-)