Photoset: Evening in Hamburg

I love this town soo much :-) It’s full of classey style and modern too. If you are visiting germany some day => Please go to hamburg as well :-)

I like the picture of me standing before the big wolford window. I was unsure if I should release it, because my face isn’t hidden, but as I like it so much. Here it is :-) Read more

Pantyhose shopping

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I know that I shouldn’t shop more pantyhose but today I just had to go into the shopping center :-) You cannot fail if you buy a Wolford Satin Touch :-)

Wolford – new fashion arrivals 2011

Wolfords new fashion lineup is killing me :o) Soo many new classy pantyhose, tops, skirts and so on :o)

These are my three favorites from the new wolford collection:

(all images (c) by wolford)

You should check out the new wolford collection now! I am in love <3

New red high heels

Thanks to a very very kind sweetheart (Pe…) I have new red high heels *going crazy :)*
I really love the darkish red color of these shoes <3 <3 <3 It will take a couple of weeks till they arrive, but I am so excited to wear them and make pantyhose pictures with those sandals. What kind of pantyhose would you recommend ? [gallery link="file" columns="2"] I hope that they will fit perfectly and that I don't have to send them back *keeping fingers crossed*