Alice encased in pantyhose

pantyhose encasement

That is a rare picture of me… I am not so much into encasement, but wanted to try it out^^
pantyhose encasement
This is a quite old picture – I guess it is from 2009. Found it while sorting my old pictures :-) I don’t like it very much, but wanted to share it with you. Perhaps some of you like encasement ? please leave a comment if you are into encasement. I would love to hear about your fetish.


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  1. Daphy
    Daphy says:

    What is there not to like about this pic? Would be better with more of your upper half visible too.
    I personally love pantyhose encasement. Seeing, and feeling the tight smooth silky material all over my body, especially over my face whilst kissing. There isnt a feeling like it mmm.
    Are you into encasement Alice, or was this just a one off picture to try it out?:-*

  2. Silverspring
    Silverspring says:

    Das Bild sieht wieder einmal umwerfend aus! Die Strumpfhosen sehen verboten gut an deinen Beinen aus. ich mag es sehr, wenn sie etwas blickdichter sind. Auch encasement finde ich äußerst erregend. Das Material eben einfach überall zu spüren, bei jeder Bewegung dieses besondere Geräusch zu hören, jemand anderen unter einer weiteren Schicht zu fühlen und aneinander zu reiben, einfach unbeschreiblich!

  3. ph_otog
    ph_otog says:

    Ich finde es äußerst schade das wir dieses tolle Bild erst jetzt zu sehen bekommen.
    Die weisse blickdichte Strumpfhose sieht toll aus. Encasement ist ein herrliches Gefühl …

  4. alice_fan
    alice_fan says:

    It’s not as beautiful as other pictures, but as you said, it will maybe please some pantyhsoe encasement lover.

    To my mind, if you like to be completly covered, try the catsuits !

    You may – even if you don’t like it – comment the catsuit fashion ?

    Have a good day

  5. Greg
    Greg says:

    Encasement is awesome. The way it looks and feels! I love it when either my partner, myself, or both of us are encased. This picture of you encased is marvelous. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. slloverca
    slloverca says:

    This is very, very sexy, but what I love about your photos is knowing how much you’re enjoying your experience! If you didn’t enjoy encasement, that’s too bad, though. I want to see you doing what you love, and if that’s looking oh so beautiful in sexy, shiny pantyhose, I think I can handle that :)

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      Thanks!! It’s not that I hate it. It is just not “my thing” to have a pantyhose over my face^^ But is was fun to try it :-) I want to stay open towards new ideas :-)

  7. Phaser
    Phaser says:

    Hallo Alice,

    Was genau gefällt Die an encasement nicht? Finde es sehr anregend und Nylon sieht nicht nur an den Beinen gut aus.



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