Feet in red pantyhose

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my feet in a red pantyhose from wolford. It’s of course my favorite red satintouch I am going to ship to a nice guy in the states very soon :-) But I wanted to wear them one last time, before sending them away

I uploaded the set in to my sponsors section. I hope you like the crotch-closeup *smiles*

Have a good weekend boys!

3 Responses to Feet in red pantyhose

  1. Jason says:

    Really nice! Your red pantyhose is very very beautiful ;)

    And I love closeup pictures so much…

    Just perfect! <3

  2. @phloverfr says:

    Wow ! I love these red satin touch… My girlfriend has the same, they just look great !

  3. Georg says:

    Diese Fotos gehören ganz klar zu meinen Lieblingsfotos!


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