Pantyhose and Petticoat


*updated this posting with new watermark for those bastards who crop out my watermarks -.-*

I always wanted to have a cute petticoat, so I ordered some tulle and began stitching. I am very pleased with the result and hope that I can wear that combo at a party some time O:-)

A special thanks to wolfordfan, who sent me this lovely wolford satin touch in the color “caviar”. Thanks Darling! :-*

I hope you enjoy these pics too :-) I really do love my ass on those pics^^


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  1. mlt29
    mlt29 says:

    Not my favorite picture, indeed. You did really much better but I guess you are trying your best to satisfy many fans.

    I truly prefer your romantic pictures, playing with your feminity.

    To say it better : I like your pictures for beauty, not for any “sexuality”

    Go on, wolford legs are the best :)

  2. Robo
    Robo says:

    From my point of view: I like your pics for the beauty and the “sexuality”! The sexuality part is still subtle since one doesn’t see anything too revealing. always very very tasteful yet sexy.

    I love it :)


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