Shiny Pantyhose and elegant High Heels Pictures

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A little sweetener for the evening :-)

I am wearing my elegant high heels and a shiny pantyhose from Wolford. Of course it is a Neon 40 :-)

13 Responses to Shiny Pantyhose and elegant High Heels Pictures

  1. zeroloud says:

    Hmmmm… I love to be the first commenting! Again, great picts, with beautiful high heels… Kiss ;)

  2. José says:

    you are so elegant

  3. Jorg says:

    Hello Alice (SHK), Sie haben schöne Beine. Beautiful, elegant perfect legs. These shoes (the open toe) should belong to hall of fame. Extremely beautiful shoes. And this natural background adds a soft touch of coolness in your pictures.

  4. 2ndSkin says:

    I know, I know…you said in your audioclip that you don’t like guys saying what they would do to you…but G*d damn Alice!!! How can I help it?? I want to lick those gorgeous hosed legs from toe know :))

  5. Chumley_warner says:

    Absolutely divine, have you ever worn aristoc?

  6. 2ndSkin says:

    Mmmm…sitting in my satin touchs, drinking wine, just being amazed at how gorgeous and sexy you are

  7. dimarv says:

    excelent as usual!!!
    Alice you know that you have a very sexy style and the photo lens loves that!

  8. misowas says:

    Wow alice
    these are the most clear photos i saw till now.
    keep going …

  9. John says:

    the shoes look fantastic with your sexy legs


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