Shiny Pantyhose + Lycracapri + High Heels [Pictures]

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As I was browsing through my pictures I found this set. The location and lighting isn’t perfect, because it was a very spontaneous session. We came home from a party and wanted to shoot some pics of my sexy outfit^^

Have a nice day! I am going to have one :-) High Heels shopping it is :D


12 Responses to Shiny Pantyhose + Lycracapri + High Heels [Pictures]

  1. cesar says:

    Bonsoir Alice, quelles jambes sexy tu sais vraiment les mettre en valeur, continu c’est que du bonheur!!
    Best regards.

  2. 2ndSkin says:

    OK..just kill me now..that is the hottest, sexiest outfit I have ever seen. And the legs!! OMG the legs!

    Ralf must have super-human focus to drive to teh party with you in the passenger seat in that outfit. Every guy must have stopped to look at you when you walked in the room.

  3. semi0paque says:

    love all your photos..high end stuff
    will you do some full body encasement pics for us soon please?

  4. Greg says:

    These pictures are really top notch. My favorite in this set is the first one, with the close up of your feet and heels.

  5. LegLover says:

    Delightful pictures Alice, your feet!……oh my god!!! :p

  6. dimarv says:

    Alice you are sooooo hot.
    your feet are simply perfect

  7. Florence says:

    Wonderful ass !!!
    What brand of pantyhose on these pictures ?
    I love your site and your pictures.

  8. dimarv says:

    i think the last photo is one of your best photos ever….
    feet n ass simply perfect

  9. Alen says:

    u r wonderful. I like u in shine & sheer pantyhose! your site is the best.
    Any chances of you in spandex leggings & pantyhose. Keep up great site!! best wishes !

  10. Maus says:

    Impossible not to comment! I completely agree with 2ndSkin. You had to have been driving the car! How can bf even hold a camera during your shoots??? It’s a mystery.


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