Shiny Platino Luxe Fata Pantyhose Pictures

As promised: some new shiny pantyhose pictures of me wearing a platino luxe fata hose.
The pantyhose is very lycralike, which I love a lot! The paint on my walls hasn’t dried yet, but I wanted to make some pictures in front of that wall on my new table. The colors are sooo vibrant :-)

I took the pics with a ir-remote by myself, which was not soo easy, but I like the results anyway

Comment plz!

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  1. Nylonator
    Nylonator says:

    Beautiful pictures, but only three. I hope that delights us with many more pictures wearing those wonderful pantyhose. Will there be more pictures?

    • Alice
      Alice says:

      I made only a few, because I had to use the remotetrigger (very annoying O:-)
      But as soon as we start shooting again for real… there wil be a loot more pics :D

  2. alice_fan
    alice_fan says:

    Does this ph exists in black ? Where ? I like the first one, with the little…I don’t know how to say : the lines behind your knees.

    I’d like to see you in a golden ph like this

  3. 2ndSkin
    2ndSkin says:

    OK..I went to Gravatar…let’s see if it works. This should add some colour :) Well…you know what I think about those fata hose :)) They look sooo good on you. We need to wear then together…mmmm.

  4. Tina
    Tina says:

    I have a simulair pantyhose from the french brand “GERBE”
    and it’s called “collant lady” It’s like spandex to. On vimeo you will find a movie of it.

  5. Nylonator
    Nylonator says:

    Hi Alice, I think many of us are waiting for that photo shoot with these wonderful Platino Luxe Fata pantyhose.
    We look forward!
    I love it!!!

  6. Jorg
    Jorg says:

    Hallo Alice, simply beautiful and elegant. The “WP_1680-3.jpg” is the best among all four in terms of texture highlight. These tights look painted on.


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