Suck my pantyhosed feet

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I love the feeling of a warm tongue on my soles <3 . Especially when I notice how addicted he is and will be…



20 Responses to Suck my pantyhosed feet

  1. Jeff says:

    Well, Alice! I’d love to suck those wonderful toes of yours!

  2. dimarv says:

    i could spend one hour to each foot….

  3. Jonas says:

    Love to suck nylon feet, come to Stockholm:-)

  4. zeroloud says:

    Woww… I’d love to have that privilege…

  5. nico says:

    wow, thanks alice,with this kind of clothes, i would like you sit down on my face, and you do a footjob with your feet

    very exciting, more my goddess

    Very big kiss on soles
    From France bye honey

  6. LegLover says:

    Erotic, sexy, lickable pantyhose feet Alice.
    Love to feel my tongue playing with your lovely toes mmm :p

  7. 2ndSkin says:

    I wouldn’t start with your soles Alice. First I would lick the super sensitive inner ankle bone. Only then would I move to your sole…from the heel, slowly…very slowly…I would lick up, through the incredibly sensitive arch to the base of the little toe and then all the way to the tip..where my tongue would linger. This process I would repeat for all 5 toes..finally sucking your big toe into my mouth

    Sound good?

  8. Greg says:

    I am already addicted!

  9. dimarv says:

    you make me so hard
    i could worship your body for days

  10. frank says:

    i’d love to be tied down and mouth taped while forced to smell your hosed FEET. Then untape me and make me suck those nyloned Toes and lick your FEET!!!! :)

  11. John says:

    I would love to warm your feet with my tongue

  12. Andy says:

    is it possible to see more pictures like this in these skin tight shiny wet look leggings with the hot pantyhose? would be great because i am addicted to it =) best regards from north germany near hamburg! and by the way i realy love your quallity work in HD! <3

    • Alice says:

      Hi Andy!
      that is totally doable :-)) It will take a while, because I am preparing my move to northern germany at the moment, but I won’t forget it :)

  13. Andy says:

    thx for the fast answer alice….. well than i can say a very warm welcome to the fish head area *joke from the north coast* can’t wait to see some news from you. and g’luck with your moving action… i know there is alot on the to do list then ;o) so anyways have a great one and and looking forward to catch some news…. 1 luv <3

  14. Karaca says:

    Youlook really good specially with your shiny toes and ……..;)

  15. Jason says:

    Hi Alice,

    Can I suck your pantyhosed feet ? :O I prefer ask you before doing it ;)

  16. Jason says:

    Hi Alice,

    I don’t want to be insistent but I really want your answer :$
    I looked in my english dictionary, and I realized that I should ask :
    MAY I suck your pantyhosed feet Alice ? :D

    I hope you will answer :D

  17. steve says:

    the best outfit… shiny leggings and shiny panthyhose are great


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