Help me find new High Heels *contest*

High Heels from Christian Louboutin
I wanted to order the heels from our vote, but they are sold out :’-(
So we have to find some new High heels for me.

I want you to find your most favorite heels and post them as a comment. I will than choose those which I like best and make a little extra private video and pictureset for the “winner” only… So choose wisely if you want that bonus pictureset and video :-)

here are my terms for the high heels “contest”

  • the heel has to be high but not extreme
  • the shoes shouldn’t be more expensive than 85 Euros
  • they have to be sexy as hell
  • you can suggest up to 3 High Heels
  • onlineshops: http://www.mirapodo.de/http://www.amazon.de/ or http://www.zalando.de/
  • If you want to send me High Heels from Christian Louboutin – I am fine with that too… ok just kidding. But those heels are SO amazing
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